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Standardization of process is vital lean philosophy; ISO Quality Management Systems help you to manage and improve your business operations, attract new customers, retain existing customers and compete in a global market. It’s   standardizing process in your organization, shifting from people driven to system driven.   

In manufacturing, a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations. It is brought about by strict and consistent commitment to certain standards that achieve uniformity of a product in order to satisfy specific customer or user.     

Obtaining ISO certification is a globally recognized achievement. It opens accesses to potential customers that treat certification as a supplier requirement. It’s how you let your consumers know you comply with internationally regarded management practices. unlike most other organization LASL can help you to improve your bottom line through establishing effective quality management system that meet all requirements of ISO quality management Standard, not just to display certificates on wall.     

Through our extensive network of ISO professionals and Certification bodies, LASL will help you pursue ISO certification through training and hands-on help so that you can achieve certification.  

Once established, you’ll be able to maintain the quality system with your own staff. But, should you need additional, ongoing support, LASL able to provide assistance on internal audits, implementing a continuous improvement program, and assisting during surveillance audits.  

The services LASL can deliver to your organization:   

  • ISO Briefing: We will provide managers and supervisors who understand sound of the ISO requirements and how they affect companies.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Manual Assistance: We will help you to create a quality manual that satisfies ISO standards.
  • Operating Procedure Assistance: We will help you to develop or modify your operating procedures to demonstrate proper control.
  • Implementation & Mentoring: We will help you to implement your new procedures, including assuring end-user understanding of the procedures and an evaluation of their effectiveness.
  • Creation of Forms and a Master List of Controlled Documents: We will create the forms that need to conform to the standard, and a master list of controlled documents.
  • Pre-Assessment Audit: Evaluate the effectiveness of your QMS with a full pre-assessment.  Management Review:
  • Training to ensure the effective performance of the required management reviews.
  • Internal Auditor Training: There are 3 day training for internal auditors including classroom and exercises.  Internal Audit Service: We will audit your QMS on a set schedule to assure compliance with the standard, and suggest corrective actions as needed.


The Compliance Route by LASL  

Emerging your program involves a four-step approach, starting with a Gap Analysis. LASL expert will conduct gap analysis along with your team .The Gap Analysis will specify the steps needed to bring your present processes and ISO requirements into alignment.  

Second step is a brief training session with your team will allow you to maintain your gains.   

Third step is once the plan is in place we will work with your team to implement your quality management system, which will include a corporate quality manual.   

Fourth step, we will conduct an internal audit to ensure that you’ve met each and every ISO requirement. At that point you can ask a desired Certification Body to audit your quality management system for compliance. If they approve they will issue a certificate to you. Then, feel free to spread the word that your products and services are managed and controlled by an officially registered ISO-compliant quality management system. Program is design for 06 month duration and time line may depend on your current statues of quality system.   


Course Facilitator

Udayakantha Sabaratne

Founder / CEO Lean Academy Srilanka
Dr.Udayakantha Sabaratne spent more than thirty five years in engineering/ manufacturing in various positions throughout his carrier and during which time he developed extensive experience in management, leadership, and finance. He has design, develops and successfully implements lean systems at several organizations, and has led many companies and hundreds of individuals through Lean projects that have resulted in major savings of ROI.
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