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Lean Black Belt Certification

Advanced-Level Lean Certification Program  

LASL offers you to achieve most prestigious lean qualification as lean black belt first time in Region. A Lean Black Belt (LBB) is a person who has achieved “black belt” level competency in 10 performance Measurements as defined below. He/she is a full time resource for their organization and works fulltime on lean transformation. He or She must be able to demonstrate proven evidence they’ve been working in same capacity for a minimum of 5 years, and continue in same role today.  LASL is proud to certify people as Lean Black Belts; they are truly precious a resource in any company .Master black belt is equal to lean Sensei.

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The candidate who selected for the Lean Back Belt wants to submit comprehensive documentation when applying for certification. This documentation must include:  

  • Prior Lean certifications (Green Belt, Yellow Belt, Bronze/Silver/Gold ASQ certifications, other company certifications in lean, etc.)
  • Length of experience working on lean
  • Quality of that experience working on lean
  • Quantitative results of lean project work over the past 5 years
  • LBB Change Agent Assessment (of him/herself)
  • The Lean Transformation Assessment (of his/her value stream, plant site, or company)
  • Business reason for requesting Lean Black Belt Certification


All of the above must be submitted for review to your LASL Lean expert when the candidate is ready. The documentation will be reviewed, Black belt exam will offer and candidate must score over 70% of total marks, appropriate clarification questions will be asked, and any additional follow up will be requested of the candidate. Upon completion of the above, the entire application will be reviewed during a meeting with the sponsoring manager of the candidate. If approved, the Lean Black Belt will be awarded. This award comes with a formal framed certificate plus a Lean Martial Arts Black Belt.  


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Course Facilitator

Udayakantha Sabaratne

Founder / CEO Lean Academy Srilanka
Dr.Udayakantha Sabaratne spent more than thirty five years in engineering/ manufacturing in various positions throughout his carrier and during which time he developed extensive experience in management, leadership, and finance. He has design, develops and successfully implements lean systems at several organizations, and has led many companies and hundreds of individuals through Lean projects that have resulted in major savings of ROI.
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