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Master in A3 Problem Solving

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LASL offer this program to your organization to unleash employees on your group’s most challenging problems by giving them the wisdom to properly realize a problem, analyze the potential root causes, create an action plan, outbreak the roots, and measure results. “Surface the problem and solve it “main pillar of Toyota model and any lean model in the industrial world.    


Session Outline:  

Organizations of all types face challenging problems. Some only scratch the surface to realize short term returns with long term consequences. Others commit to building a quality organization by building a strong group of problem solvers.  

When part of the organizational fabric, A3 engages members in collaborative, in-depth problem-solving.  It drives problem-solvers to address the root causes of problems which surface in day-to-day work routines.   

Attendees "learn by doing" at this A3 Problem Solving course -- tackling current problems at your organization to realize immediate results and significant impacts! The course is divided into four parts, as outlined below. Each participant will be required to resolve a "real problem" currently being faced by their organization, with coaching provided by LASL's A3 experts.   


Course Content: LASL/LQM/PS/60200  

Day 1:  

  • Course organization
  • A3 overview
  • What is a problem
  • Facts/ data logic
  • Pick problem
  • Get homework (Background, current condition, goal)


Day 2:  

  • Each participant presents A3
  • Review using guide and reference questions
  • Review QC tools, Fishbone, 5 why, etc, when to use
  • Discuss second homework (Root Cause Analysis, Countermeasures)


Day 3:  

  • Each participant presents A3
  • Review using guide and reference questions
  • Homework (Effects Confirmation and next steps)


Day 4  

  • Participants review completed A3, tells the story
  • Go to the Gemba to observe the impacts
  • Individual follow ups where required

Course Facilitator

Udayakantha Sabaratne

Founder / CEO Lean Academy Srilanka
Dr.Udayakantha Sabaratne spent more than thirty five years in engineering/ manufacturing in various positions throughout his carrier and during which time he developed extensive experience in management, leadership, and finance. He has design, develops and successfully implements lean systems at several organizations, and has led many companies and hundreds of individuals through Lean projects that have resulted in major savings of ROI.
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