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Lean certification training modules are among LASL most appreciated and popular training programs, our Lean Certification modules is designed to transmit Lean competence to your organization . Conducted as public sessions and company-hosted, LASL have certified more than 200 employees in Yellow Belt, over 40 have reached the Green Belt level, and two are certified at the Lean Black Belt level.


LASL registered in Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) under Registered No P02/0368


Lean Yellow Belt (LYB) Certification (Lean Facilitators)  - LASL/LYB/TW/80200

We believe that you have the power to learn how to implement Lean methodology and create positive change for your organization to become competitive.  

This specialize, detail modules is designed in a proven, successful format of learn-teach-implement to uplift your knowledge of Lean process excellence, and productivity  improvements, your use of the techniques at your company and your capability to train and guide others at your facility to grasp real impacts.  


Paybacks to your organization:  

  • Participants’ simply learn all of the critical Lean principles and tools.
  • Upon completion of in-plant project assignments (training and implementation at the cell level) during program and reporting results at each session for support and guidance increases the results.
  • Comprehensive coaching and individual guiding helps attendees focus efforts and grasp results.

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Lean Green Belt (LGB) Certification Program (Lean Facilitators) - LASL/LGB/TW/80300

LASL Lean Green Belt Certification modules offer an extraordinary combination of comprehensive classroom training, coaching and implementation projects to bring your Lean proficiency to the next level. You will learn by doing and from each other in this highly collaborative training session.  

The Lean Green Belt Certification module is 8 days of powerful wisdom, LASL conducted at a rate of one session per month for a maximum of 20 people. Apart from the classroom sessions, participants are anticipated to complete project assignments and report on those at the next session. Over project presentations and interaction, the participants will learn by doing and from each other (these project assignments must be validate and certified by respective organization’s CEO/CFO to confirmed that the learning has created value to the organization)  


Payback to your organization:  

  • Participant complete Lean Green Belt projects result in immediate impacts:
  • Participant transforms learners to leaders during Lean implementation in your company.
  • This module provides the guidance and support for participants to become stronger Lean practitioners in your organization and work on larger improvement/implementation projects to grasp more significant impacts at your company.

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Lean Black Belt (LBB) Certification (Lean Sensei) - LASL/LBB/LSC/80700

This is a special and unique program that LASL offered.  A Lean Black Belt (LBB) sensei is an individual who has accomplished black belt level capability in 10 performance measurements. He/she is a full time resource for their organization. 

LASL is proud to certify individuals as Lean Black Belts (Lean sensei) they are truly treasurable resources in any organization.  As per LASL LBB criteria to attain certification, the applicant for the Lean Black Belt is mandatory to submit comprehensive documentation for review by our Lean experts. Upon completion of the credentials requests, the application is reviewed during a meeting with the sponsoring manager of the applicant prior to final approval is granted and the Lean Black Belt is conferred.  


Payback to your organization or individuals:  

  • Enhance internal capability to drive Lean initiatives throughout your company.
  • Organization decrease costs as you increase capacity.
  • You/Your LBB sensei able to conduct on-going training and improvement projects.
  • Individuals at the Black Belt level of Lean are in high-demand in current business world therefore you will open new opportunities in your carrier prospect

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Course Facilitator

Udayakantha Sabaratne

Founder / CEO Lean Academy Srilanka
Dr.Udayakantha Sabaratne spent more than thirty five years in engineering/ manufacturing in various positions throughout his carrier and during which time he developed extensive experience in management, leadership, and finance. He has design, develops and successfully implements lean systems at several organizations, and has led many companies and hundreds of individuals through Lean projects that have resulted in major savings of ROI.
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